How do we understand the emotional needs of PCH users?

Post client hand-off of the PCH project, I was still left with lingering questions on if the platform truly supported the underlying needs of their users. With the cloud of cancer hanging above their heads, what could be going on inside? I came across the Stanley-bot by IDEO, and an idea suddenly clicked. What if I could provide a means of a personal private outlet that would grow to have the capacity to serve the emotional needs of users?

This started a whole thought dialogue on whether emotional needs can only be served with empathy or potential emotion processing mechanisms. In order to first understand what were the deeper struggles, I set the Deanna bot's parameters to be a listener-bot that collects the internal thoughtworks of women with HBOC risk. The current state of the Deanna bot is in a MVP functionality and launched live. I am still working on how to build trust with users to interact and actually use Deanna, updates are soon to follow!

To hear baby Deanna bot's first words, text: +1 (872) 713-6989

(Fun Fact: Deanna bot is named after Deanna Troi , from Star Trek who could read people's emotions)