Vegan grocery shopping in 2025

This product was originally a Designation project called Winkel, a fictional start-up that wants to improve the way people shop for groceries online. I redeveloped this into a more focused bite sized project for all my vegan friends saving the world with every choice.

01     The Challenge

My primary challenge within a 1 week timeframe was to:

Understand and improve the Vegan grocery shopping experience

02     Defining the Problem

Veganism is the top rising food trend, with a 987% increase in demand for meat-free food. More than a trending statistic, veganism is becoming the preferred lifestyle of hundreds of thousands worldwide. Despite the exploding demand, there are still many frustrations weighing down Vegans in their everyday choices. Grocery shopping in particular is a daily challenge to find the right foods within budget.

03     The Work in Progress

Twinkle is a mobile app that addresses the needs of a budget conscious Vegan through guaranteeing fresh quality with the transparency of sources, partnering exclusively with organic farms and providing a budget lock to maintain a budget friendly healthy lifestyle.  The original project had focused on health and budget conscious consumers, however upon hearing the ongoing frustrations of my Vegan friends, I decided to create another iteration that focuses solely on vegan consumers.